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The first time I drove into NYC I was astonished at the shear volume of graffiti.  As anyone who drives to the city knows, each roof is packed with scribbles, bubble letters, thousand of tons of spray paint- but only occasionally is something photo-worthy.  Kids should learn that if they used graffiti more like ‘street art’, make more beautiful images, or provide more thought-provoking ideas, NYC would go from “graffiti-covered” to “engulfed beauty”.  Simply writing your “tag-name” on a wall does nothing for society, life, or you.  At least draw a smiley face or a picture of Tom Selleck!

Here are a handful of my latest trip.

Look who it is…….


I love this bear.  The artist did an amazing job.




Obviously not graffiti, but a great restaurant/cafe….


Classy stuff:


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