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The ZAM gang and I headed to NYC for some work this weekend.  We’re from a small city and work in an office, so when we get back to the big cities like NYC we are completely rejuvenated and inspired by the time we return.  No wonder so many things come from NYC and LA…..  they are simply brewing creativity and Life.  Travel is good for the soul.


We’re planning a lot for the late Spring/Summer… hats, cut&sew projects, nuclear bombs, etc.  We finally get to bring ZAM into an entire new realm- something we’ve always strived for, but couldn’t do until now.

Growing up I always wanted a “clothing company” but didn’t expect to start it at 19 years old.  When we first started ZAM I didn’t really expect it to be successful or become the “clothing company” I had always wanted because, in the beginning, it was simply tees that said love in different languages.   Not all people got it.  But as the company grew, people saw through the Love thing and saw that we are a company reflective of a “positive lifestyle”, “doing good” and “making art”- we had a good vibe.  We wanted a story and longevity rather than make a million dollars.  I made sure that everything we did was personally done by me or my sister- no intermediary- and was distinctively different than everyone else.  We also were creating a “look” and “vibe” out of thin air- everything we have is distinctly our style, and that was hard to create.  Anyways, I’ve learned that a company always grows, changes, and develops- very few do it faster than others.  I’ve also learned that you gotta do things as if the whole world’s watching because one day, they might be.

Old People:  ride scooters like this and live happier, longer lives while being New York hip.





About zamforia

Everyone calls us 'the ZAM'. We’ve grown from the streets of Boston to a brick and mortar store and a clothing brand people believe in, love, and become apart of. The company has built it’s foundation by making clothing that uses ‘love in different languages’ as a vehicle to make art and promote a positive lifestyle message: Love Life, Be Global. Life's all about finding what you Love and turning the world upside-down. Do something good.
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