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Some of the Winners….. Bookmark and Share

These are the 1st Place winners of the Scavenger Hunt.  They call themselves “The A Team”.

Here’s what they won:

$50 to ZAM, $50 to Healing Tree Yoga, Pandora Bracelet from Caryn’s Corner, $100 to Leonardo’s Hair Salon, $20 to Cucina Mia, $20 and a HUGE Cookie from Ginger Betty’s Bakery….. plus some candy and WHOOPIE CUSHIONS!!


Everyone that passed in a map got a Free Coffee Break Coffee and toys such as Whoopie Cushions, Crooked Cards, Silly John Lennon-esque Sun glasses, Twizzlers, rubber duckies, etc. etc. etc.  These kids were PUMPED!!!  They went straight for the colorful rubber duckies and candy.

This is the second place team:  “2 Brides and a Gem”.

Here’s what they won:

‎”2 Brides and A Gem” won: $50 to Stambry’s Soap Co, $50 to ZAM, 4 half hour training sessions with LivFitness, an autographed cookbook and Gypsy Juice from Gypsy Kitchen, $25 Schoolhouse Pizza, $25 Unchained Pizza, plus some candy, rubber duckies (for the dog), John Lennon Glasses and WHOOPIE CUSHIONS!!


Gretzky the Dog is the shit.


Katie came to get her Bruins Shirt and 4 Free Coffee Break Drink Coupons for her Team.


One of the coolest Bonus tasks Scavengers had to do was put on the Coffee Break Cafe Mascot and take pictures around Quincy…… Fun Stufff….


Thank you to all participants….We’re still waiting for more people to pick up their prizes……until soon

Stay cool,

Camera Gafted! Photos Arise! Bookmark and Share

14 year old Jessie came by and seem interested in my camera.  I always try to teach anyone and everyone how to use a professional camera.  So I taught her how to hold it and use it.

Then I didn’t see her for 2 hours.   This is what she came back with.


Some People found Waldo….. Bookmark and Share

Task #21:  “Where’s Waldo!?!?! Find him walking around Quincy Center on Saturday between 12-2pm.  What’s he holding in his hand?

Answer?!?!?!  A surfboard.

Secret Bonus Question found on Twitter: Ask him the secret password.

Answer?!?!?!  Meatballs.


Have fun.

Where’s Waldo?!?!?! Bookmark and Share

Well, this Saturday he’ll be in Quincy Center.

As you know, we’re in the middle of our Scavenger Hunt.  It’s an epic blast.  The scavengers, the participating businesses, even the newspapers are digging it.  Check out today’s Patriot Ledger: CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE

Even more ridiculous:  since we’re about 3 days in, loads of scavengers are bringing in their maps to get some hints.  The maps are beaten and war torn- so badass.   The “Misc. Dead Beach Whales” were the first to turn in the map.  Here it is: (don’t worry, I blurred the answers)

There’s still time to join and plenty of prizes available.  Come to the ZAM or other participating locations to get the “Treasure Map”.

Stay cool.

Epically Yours,

P.S. I guess “EPIC”  is my word of choice for this particular blog post.  And more importantly: if you see Waldo tomorrow, ask him the for password to get extra bonus points.  (and don’t worry the password is not epic)


(Sorry, if it takes a second to load.  Right click on the image below and “view image”.  Print that image.)

Here are some enlarged hints for the picture part of the scavenger hunt:

This is a 8.5″ x 11″ size list.  It prints out a bit small, BUT come to the store to get the bigger version.  If you have 8.5″x 14″ printing capabilities, send an email to and we’ll send you a bigger version of the map……. or just come to the ZAM and we’ll hook you up.


Have fun!

International T-shirt Day! Bookmark and Share

Last night, Olivia, Joe, and Alex participated in “International T-shirt Day.”  Every year on the first day of summer they celebrate the most universal fashion garment t-shirt!  The event spans a couple countries (Berlin, Boston, NYC, and Greece)…..which is pretty rad if you ask me!

NYC Bookmark and Share

I love photography.  Actually, my sophomore year of college I was a signature away from dropping out and going to photography school.  I decided I’d just do photography- teach myself, no school. And here I am……

My favorite thing to do with friends is light drawing.  We didn’t have time to do a lot but we played a bit.  These are done with long exposures and glow sticks.  One of these days I’ll show you some REALLY good shit.  But for now, you see casual fun.


These kids are the best.  Just a note on one of them: Dan (with the hat).  This kid has “family” and “friends” tattooed on his forearms.  When a kid’s nice/cool/awesome AND has THAT tattooed on himself, you can’t help but be 100% comfortable with him.  It’s a great feeling to have.  I feel like I can conquer the world, cure AIDS, end world hunger, win the World Series, and everything else that is great and awesome.  Anyways, this is us……



You’ve heard of blue corn tortilla chips right?  These are soft blue tortilla chips.  RAD I say, flippin’ rad!  And tasty!!!



Purse and boots…… kinda like “puss in boots”?!?!


“Welcome to Central Park!”  Immediately, when we arrived in Central Park, hundreds of Frisbees, soccer balls, and toys flew in the air. 


Family of toes…




We saw the Alexander McQueen excited.  Beautiful.  Exotic.  Sexual. Romantic. Hard.

Annnndd, I didn’t get to sneak any pictures………nor did I want too:  I was too busy getting soaked into it his world.


I actually have one of these hats/shawls……..


This was a frozen margarita….. with a corona dumped into it.  You’re suppose to keep the beer in the cup like this until you’re done….. kinda crazy……

These walls were super cool. 

Big things come in Small Packages in NYC Bookmark and Share

Took a stroll through Central Park and found this little kid singing a bunch of songs. His Alicia Keyes’s “New York” was amazing but I couldn’t get it on video. I was able to catch some Train- Soul Sister though. He was so small he could hardly punch the keys. Here he is doing his thing:

BRUINS WON STANLEY CUP. Bookmark and Share

Bruins won last night…..aahhhh…cuz they’re awesome.  4-0.

To celebrate we drank beer and lit 3 dry Christmas Trees on fire on the beach.

I woke up and drew this.

Then turned it into this.  Simple.  Kinda Vintage looking.  And has some hidden Love in it.  Show some Love.  Be true to the brand, know what I mean?


This is the back of shirt.  My friend Gibba told me to make a shirt that said “My Generation” and list all the years of the championships in the past 10 years.   He told me that last night.  So I put it on the back of the shirt today.  Thanks Gibba.


Figured this one out last night.  Did it this morning.


Play for yourself.  Play for your team.  Play for your family.  Play for your city.  Play for Boston.  Go Bruins.


Pix from a friend…. Bookmark and Share

My friend Christian sent me a couple pix he’s been taking recently.   These were my favorites.


Guess this dude’s playing some soccer……

A couple months ago a little girl came in the ZAM and told me I should make the open/closed sign say Love.  She was too young to actually read but she didn’t know that it was possible… neither did I until she ask me to do it.


Snowing in June!!!

nah…….  just an old picture.   Pretty rad looking.


Jen P. came in one day and made hundreds of these magnets out of bottle caps.  Pretty awesome stuff.

And the last one’s me!

Heading to the concert…… Bookmark and Share

lost my phone after the concert……  but I emailed myself these just before.

Washington DC Day 3 Bookmark and Share

My 25th birthday party.

A Pro.

The girls were taking a picture….

but then I through a ball to splash them.  luckily it got on camera.


REMEMBER the end of the Ninja Turtles Movie when, after Vanilla Ice busts a move, Shredder lifts his hand one last time!!!


Had to post this one of my face.  hahaha


The prego sister…..  pretty momma.



Have fun in the sun……..