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5 Movies 48 Hours Bookmark and Share

In the past 48 hours I’ve seen 5 full movies and loads more of other…..not sure why or how but all of them are pretty cool.

Sunday night we bought tickets to True Grit…..

AWESOME movie, which was a 1969 movie starring John Wayne…..

…..then snuck into “Little Fockers” for a half hour to wait for……

THE GREEN HORNET!    (I guess “Little Fockers” means “Now they are the Parents”… which doesn’t do the title justice AT ALL!!…. It says “First it was her parents, then it was his parents, now THEY are the parents”

I loved the Green Hornet (writting by Seth Rogen which is cool).  Entertaining, moreover, I want everything that Kato made- guns, cars, the lattes!   Fun stuff.

Green Hornet was also a remake……It used to star Bruce Lee at Kato…..

Then I came home and caught the tail end of Edward Norton in “25 Hours”.  This one blew my mind and gave me agonizing dreams.  Everyone I knew in the dream had killed other people- me, friends and family, everyone- really weird.  Anyways “25 Hours” is about a dealer, Edward Norton, who gets caught selling kilos of weed and tells the story of his last day before he reports to jail.  The ending doesn’t end which makes it agonizing and a terrible movie to see before you go to bed- like I said your dreams will be messed up. But regardless, it’s a cool movie.

Upon waking up, I decided to watch Bansky’s “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, a movie about street art and one man taking advantage of it’s glory and well, it’s artistic value.   I loved the movie dearly- couldn’t take my eyes off of it- but realized how people (some people call them artists) make money from brainwashing people.  Everyone is told what to like or look up to, either by what their friends/family, media, magazines, or even schooling tell them.  Though it seems there’s no way to avoid this, taking advantage of “a current trend” with intent to promote oneself, with money and fame as a goal, is despicable.  But it is who we are, one way or another, kinda, in a way.  I guess that’s what the movie tries to explain.

One thing “Mr. Brainwash” is missing: He doesn’t actually do any of the artwork himself.  He didn’t train himself.  He didn’t work for it.  He copied EVERYONE and their style.  He reintroduced a trend and had other people to the work for it.  It was obnoxious.  I’m so grateful for all the hours, days and weeks I’ve struggle to get the ZAM going.  It’s what makes it cool.

Watch the movie to see what I mean…..

Stay cool!

Ginger Betty Time Bookmark and Share

Kendra is the late night cake decorator at Ginger Betty and she’s awesome!   We’ve spent many-a-late-nights hanging out at a 4 am snack break.

….but every morning we get to the store she has a bunch of cakes ready.

This one may be my most favorite ever!  A friggin’ grenade… FOR A TWELVE YEAR OLD!   So badass.

This one caught my eye too…..  a little Zebra pattern is always fun…..


Wildly Yours,

Gala Update Bookmark and Share

This years Gala is gonna be terrific.  We have a lot of great stuff planned for it- raffles, games, music, food, etc.etc.

It’s now 18+!!  We have so much support from this age group that it doesn’t feel right if we don’t include them.

Get your tickets now!


1 for $25

2 for $45

Student Rates: $20.  Call for more info.

Mainely fun weekend Bookmark and Share

This weekend was a fun filled time in Maine.  Sunday River and falling on my ass learning to snowboard…..

Drinking water right from the spring……

Snowshoe-ing around the Bell’s land….

And eating shitloads of food…..

And this maniac, Caden…..

Happy Winter,

Wasabi Kit Kats? Bookmark and Share

One of the ZAM kids, Andrew, has been obsessing over these things called “Wasabi Kit-Kats”.  He comes and talks about them half of the time he’s here and FINALLY his mother happened to stop in Japan.  She got a box of them and he gave them to us….

Kinda ridiculous…..

Making an Igloo, Part 2 Bookmark and Share

Stuck in another snow storm, we decided make another igloo.   This time, more than 3 times the size of the first one and with a diameter of 16+ feet and an inside height of 8 feet.  This place was baller.

yeah……we watched Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back….. (for those who aren’t familiar, this is the one that starts on an ice/snow planet….. we thought it’d be fitting)

Stay Frost,

The Gala 2011 Bookmark and Share

Last year’s Gala was FANTASTIC.  It was a huge success and we can’t wait ’til this year.

All profits are donated to our (soon-to-be) 501(c)3 organization called Project ZAM.  Project ZAM assists young people participating with Educational World Travel programs like the People to People organization.  Essentially, we’ll help them pay for their travel and schooling.

We want every kid in the world to go to another country so they can learn the strengths and weaknesses of their home town/country/region.  Once they know that, can can improve their home community for the better.  Sometimes it’s easier to “think out of the box” when you’ve been “out-of-the-box”.  We call that person a “Global Citizen”.

Thank you for supporting Project ZAM.  See you at the Gala!   Tickets go on sale next week!

Peace out,

The board before a nice clean up…. Bookmark and Share

People come in all the time and write on my board.  Slowly but surely the board goes from clean and organized to a bunch of mumbo-jumbo with participants ranging from friends stopping by, neighborhood kids drawing their innocent “Gang Symbols” to my chicken scratch and major/minor ideas.  It may not look much but it’s deeply involved, many times I write in code too so no one could understand.

If it’s blurry, you’re not supposed to see it…..CLICK ON THE IMAGE

And it’s 2011 Bookmark and Share

Welcome to 2011.  Stop using Internet Explorer.