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Night time at the ZAM Bookmark and Share

Worked late tonight on some new designs.  I love when the store is lit appropriately…..  The music was blasting a Pandora radio mixing Daft Punk and OutKast.  Pretty badass.

XMAS Time Blizzard = Igloo Bookmark and Share

There was a huge snow storm yesterday so we built and igloo and made some badass torches.

We made the igloo by packing snow into recycling bins and stacking the blocks onto each other.  Then we criss-crossed 2×6′s, layed cut pine trees on top then, and piled it with snow.  We spent the night inside of it.

These pictures were taken the day:  THE IGLOO ACTUALLY CONDENSED AND SHRUNK 2 FEET which was WILD.  The night before we could stand inside.  The next day though, the walls were like stone.

XMAS Presents Bookmark and Share

Since I’m only 24, my ability to buy Christmas presents was always hinder with lack of money.  Don’t get me wrong, I was always able to finagle something- this company was inspired by a drawing I gave my sister for Christmas.

But this year was something special.  We have created a very successful business, so much that I somehow get paid.  I only say “somehow” because I was doing this for 4 years before I even got any regular paycheck.  I know how to live (and build a business) with a zero budget.

In saying this, it feels absolutely FANTASTIC to actually buy things for the people I love.  I’m so happy.

Work hard, play hard, and Merry Christmas.  Can’t wait ’til next year.

Monopoly Bookmark and Share

Monopoly is the best game ever.  There’s a huge misconception on how to win.  People think that you try to screw people.  But this is not true.  The trick is to play 100% fair and let other people make mistakes.  In the pictures, I’m the one with 3 hotels on all my properties.

And if you’ve never played the credit card version, play it!  It’s sooooo much better.

Good luck!

New Digs Bookmark and Share

We got some new stuff in today.

We have a new “Mosaic Logo” shirt.  It’s been something I’ve wanted to do FOREVER.  The blue shirts are the super soft try blend shirts and the sweatshirts are printed on “Asphalt” grey.

It Says ZAM!

All shirts are tags.  These mosaic blue shirts get the white tag.

These zip-up hoodies are F’N badass.  I love them and have worn mine since I got it out of the box.  The back of the hoodies have the Greek Emblem on them.  It Says Love in Greek…

Some Totes McGoats.

And the It Says Love in Polish sweatshirts….

Enjoy the new stuff!

Some Canvas Work…. Bookmark and Share

Not too long ago, my brother Alex  crafted these crazy looking canvases.  Last night I painted them and laid down some stencils.  We’ll be selling them in the store and online.

This one is 33″ x 22″.

This one is 33″ x 30″.

Not finished with this one just yet but seems to be going in a good direction….

Same with this one…. not done but getting there.  The texture was created with spackle.

Can’t wait to make more……

Sun Bookmark and Share

My bro did this today….  Pretty sweet.

The sun looked FUN-KAY today.  I crashed the Jeep into the car in front me taking the picture but when I showed the dude the picture, he let me go…..

Yo yo yo….. Devil Sticks Bookmark and Share

Today’s been an awesome day and a regular, Billy, came by with a Yomega Fireball Yo-yo.

I can’t get it out my head. I want a yoyo.

I had this exact one.

Every kid in 7th grade had a yoyo and it was nuts.  Some of us got pretty good at it too.  Screw “walk the dog” and “rock the cradle”.  We “rode the motorcycle” and “walked the retarded dog.”

All this got me thinking- I used to “train” at “Devil sticks” to have it as my “back-up profession.”  I was weird.  At 10 years old I was practicing in my driveway just in case I failed at everything in life, I could at least entertain crowds of people with my stick tricks.

When I was about 11 years old, the “Discovery Store” in the mall hired me for 5 hours to perform the sticks in the store’s door way.  It was my first job and I got paid 40 bucks.   I sold shitloads of sticks for Discovery.  I had a huge crowd around me the whole time.

This is what I’m talking about:  (this kid sucks but you get the point….)

Over and out.

Ginger Betty Makes the Prudential Bookmark and Share

Ginger Betty makes huge pieces year round but the number of them doubles around Christmas time. Today I stumbled into the kitchen next door and G-Bet was busting out some crazy ish.


Busy day at the store…. Bookmark and Share

As a lot of people know, ZAM’s in a neighborhood.  Kids and their families, ZAM fans and friends come and HAAANG at the store.  Today is Saturday and it’s always the busiest day.  (Just found these pictures on my camera…)

Loitering is OK at the ZAM I guess……


Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheeseburgers Bookmark and Share

What else can I say?  That’s exactly what happened.

“Jonathan, you-hungry?-have-you-eaten?”, brother Alex says quickly on the phone.  I can tell my response doesn’t matter.

“Yeah, I’m cool.  Not really hungry.”  It’s 9:30pm on a Tuesday in the fattest month of the year and my family JUST went shopping.

“aahhh, yeah, ok, so it’s me, Greg, and Horrigan.  We’ll get you in 20 on our way back from Stop&Shop.  You want what we have.”  I was right.  It didn’t matter what I was doing.  Something intense was happening.  By the time I inquired on what he had up his sleeve, he had hung up.

“on Sea Street” said the text message.

Minutes later, while I open the car door, Jenkins is objecting to the situation.  “You’re gonna wake up in the middle of the night and….blah blah blah.”  Even I knew that this was bigger than us.

“Ok what’s going on? What are we eating?” I finally say.

“Alright, dude,” Horrigan says, getting out of the car, staring me straight in the eyes, “Bacon Cheeseburgers on Krispy Kreme Donuts.  Me and Al have been watching the Food Network all day.”  Horrigan is deadpan serious when he tells me this.

Horrigan, Greg, and Alex.

What’s better than warm, grilled donuts?

The meat.

The finished product, with hot sauce.

Horrigan:  “Guys, I think we have to put the glazed side on the inside.”

We made nachos with the leftover meat.

It was fantastic.  Even Cousin Zack came over and had one.  He didn’t believe my “bacon burgers on Krispy Kreme buns” text message was serious.

Dude, why is this blog always about food and t-shirts?  I think it’s because I only work and eat and sleep.

“I think you have a weird food obsession”- Olivia after reading this post.

Long Island Stay Bookmark and Share

We went to Long Island this past weekend for a Christmas party.  When our friends asked us “where are you?” and “how much longer ’til you’re here”, I sent them a screen shot of my iPhone.  I thought I was so badass and I owe it all to technology.

When we got there, we headed to Uncle Giuseppe’s Italian Supermarket and it blew my mind.  The pictures don’t do it justice.  I wish I lived right next door to this place…

This is hamburger meat…..

This fish still has character dead!

Wild shit….  I would totally buy these…  There’s something about food’s natural existence that is so intriguing.

Canolis in a canoli

Later aligator,