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BOOfalo Chicken Wraps Bookmark and Share

We have the menu for this weekend!

Making of ‘Bold as Love’ Bookmark and Share

The “Bold as Love” concept has been in my head for years but timing was never right.  It was a fun shirt to make and def intense.  It started with sketches and drawings and paint and ink and finally simply turned into something.

Initial Hendrix Sketch/ Concept


This was a shirt that started with Olivia’s idea of a guitar exploding and turned into a guitar lightning storm- kinda like a Hendrix song.

(ps.  there’s a hidden Michael Jackson in the shirt… just for fun)


Hoola hoop lady Bookmark and Share

I wish I had pictures of the hoolahoop lady from Stonehill college.  She was nuts- fligging a hoolahoop around her neck, on the ground on her foot, upside-down.  And she did it all to Madonna music.  She was also teaching people how to do it, clapping, jumping up and down, signing to herself when no one was around.  She was getting groovy and she wanted everyone to know it.  I just wish I had pictures to show you.


A plastic emo wig?  Yes.

Limited Edition: Halloween Bookmark and Share

We only produce 78 of these because the movie Halloween came out in 1978.  Pumpkin face is holding the 3AQ7 cards…which say love upside-down.

The inside has a Pumpkin face inside- makes for an awesome makeshift costume.

Happy Happy Halloween.

When Stormtroopers Moonwalk the Store Bookmark and Share

We are finally doing the finishing touches around the store- somethings I’ve been wanting to do for a whole year (paint a mural on the wall, getting good signage, awnings, raised gardens, big metal sign behind the counter, new display for more shirts, etc. etc.)

BUT TODAY…..  I got to attempt my favorite idea- Michael Jackson moonwalking behind the counter.  Then, while doing it, I realized that a stormtrooper moonwalking is a lot more entertaining.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Stormtrooper moonwalking around the store…..

Flash back to 4th Grade Bookmark and Share

Android (aka Andrew) came to the store with a mission the other day: make a baking soda volcano for his fourth grade class.  To say the least, he chose the right person- making crazy things was my childhood.  So I hooked him up….

The things one can do with duct tape and newpaper.

Zombies Bookmark and Share

Minding my own business, painting a pumpkin outside the store, 2 blood soaked zombies come by and start chit chatting with me about economics, life and death.   This being too intense for me, I take their picture and send them on there way……

I love that people are getting pumped about Halloween.

They did this make up with glue and toilet paper.

ZAM-LOVE Cartoon Bookmark and Share

A Rose is a Rose by any other name.

Love is love, no matter the language.

Halloween Birthday Party turns into a Weekend Bash…. Bookmark and Share

To celebrate our store’s first birthday, we are having a partay.  Everyone is welcome to come…

Dave “Honeyboy” Edwards Bookmark and Share

Last night we saw a legendary Mississippi bluesman at the House of Blues afterwhich my cousin played the Foundation Room for the after party.   The Foundation Room is the ridiculous VIP level of the HOB- quilted walls, huge couches, persian rugs everywhere, huge statues, and $18 (delicious) truffle oil fries- badass area basically.

Honeyboy Edwards is a Grammy winner and legend and it was a pleasure to have met him.

(Everyone in my family photo bombed a picture with this guy…. ha)

Metal Fever Bookmark and Share

Last month we got keychains, some awesome belt buckles but today, we got in our new metal sign for the store.  Our obsession used to be wood but now its metal.  It’s something we’ve wanted for awhile and my friend Scott was able to HOOK IT UP.  It even has huge bolts for a very industrial look.

In addition to the sign, we got the inside to make another logo sign and a new 3AQ7 stencil to use on our art and packaging.

Draw draw draw Bookmark and Share

When you get high and draw on every piece of paper in the Chalet Club (our furnished garage/bar) you get some pretty interesting doodles.  Everything in moderation is fine….. even drawing silly pictures.


Stay Foolish.