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Love in Chinese/Japanese Bookmark and Share

Here is the new Chinese shirt.  The front has our Love symbol and the back has the Symbol for love in Chinese.

Now the Chinese vs Japanese thing: So….. Chinese uses those “chinese-looking-symbols”.  Less of an alphabet and more of a picture/abstract depiction.  That’s what we depict on this shirt.  See attached.

Japanese has 3 different writing systems.   Hiragana is used more grammatical (like for endings of adjectives and verbs).  Katakana is used for foreign words, names, places, etc.  The Kanji system are the more “chinese-looking-symbols” and represent ‘blocks or meaning’ like nouns.  They look similar to those abstract depictions in Chinese, and in the shirt’s case, they’re exactly the same symbol.

The symbol we used on this shirt is both Chinese and Kanji (Japanese).  Figure, if these 2 civilizations have lived next to each other for thousands of years, things had to be shared at some point.  One of those is the symbol of Love.  Both are completely different languages but some of the Japanese Kanji is made up of Chinese characters.


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Haiti Earthquake Bookmark and Share

An earthquake occurred in Haiti last week.  I made this piece.  Amour is love in French, the main language in Haiti.

I know it’s shaking.  It should.  Everyone should understand that this is real and relevant.  Thousands died. Millions will be homeless.

Earthquake, we’ve seen the Earth shake,
the soul of the Haitian people: it will never break.



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