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New Shirt: Love in German Bookmark and Share

Love in German is pronounced “lee-buh.”  This piece is about the graffiti in on the Berlin Wall….plus some.

The back gives the gist of the entire shirt: the act of graffiti on the Berlin Wall was an act of Liberty.

Details:  some original graffiti from the wall.  the barbed wire slowly turns into butterflies.  “ich bin ein berliner” is a famous speech by JFK when he tried to appeal to the West German cause and accidentally said “I’m a jelly donut” instead of “I’m a Berlin Citizen”.

Also:  November 9th at the bottom of the piece is an important date in German History.  The wall fell that day in 1989. It was the date, when in 1918, after Germany loses World War I, Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicates and Germany is proclaimed a Republic. It was the date of Hilter’s Beer Hall Putsch in 1923.  The Beer Hall Putsch was the coup d’tat that made Hitler and his Nazis famous.  10 years later he’d be the most powerful man in the world.  In 1938, it was the date of Kristallnacht, when there were a series of co-ordinated attacks against Jews throughout  Nazi Germany and parts of Austria……. anyways November 9th is a HUGE fucking date in German history.  Suck it History class.  Just go to the ZAM website and you can learn EVERYTHING!!

“Hilfe, Hilfe, Hilfe” (written on the one of the spray paint cans) means “help, help, help.”  This 18 kid, named Peter Fechter, tried to cross the Berlin Wall on August 17th, 1962 into East Berlin but was shot by West German guards.  As he lay, bleeding from his stomach, in the middle of East and West Territory, he yelled out “Hilfe, Hilfe, Hilfe” but no one would help because neither side wanted to cross into the others territory in fear of starting World War 3.  Weird but fucking true.


Juliet open neck:




Research/concept art/Making of:


This may very well be my most favorite shirt ever.

Now Open. Bookmark and Share

And we have a store…….  Thanks for everyone that came to the grand opening today.

Thank you for the support.

Jonathan & Olivia


Grand Opening! Bookmark and Share

We opened our first store today.

More than 400 people came and we sold loads of shirts.

Thanks to the Zack Zotos Blues Band, Stepper’s Heaven, Fairview, and Ambitious Tugboat for their music.


Rodrigo y Gabriela before the Big Day Bookmark and Share

Tomorrow is our store’s grand opening.  What better way to chill out before your store’s GRAND OPENING than to go to a concert.

And so we did.  And who better than Rodrigo and Gabriela!

They are incredible and you have to check them out.  It’s only 2 guitars but it sounds like a bunch of instruments.  Definitely my favorite band.

Rodrigo y Gabriela \”Tamacun\”

Rodrigo y Gabriela \”Stairway to Heaven\”

CHECK THEM OUT.  They were awesome yesterday.  I met them, gave them ZAM shirts, and got their autographs on my CD.

A perfect night tonight before the big night.

Limited Edition Dracula Bookmark and Share

“Iubire” is Love in “Transylvanian” (which is really Romanian)

It’s pronounced: “you-be-ray”.

We only made 100 of these shirts and they will be available tomorrow at our Grand Opening.  Hope you can attend the festivities, music and food.

See you tomorrow!


Preparing for the Grand Opening Bookmark and Share

We open the store this Sunday….  YEAH!

I haven’t blogged that much, (gotta concentrate on building the store) but here are some behind the scene shots from the past couple weeks.

This is what we moved into:

Things are finally coming along smoothly……  See you Sunday.