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YMCA Strong Kids Trek Bookmark and Share

This is an event we do every year.  It’s a bike trek (20, 30, or 50 miles) in Cape Cod.  It’s one of the funnest times of the year because we stay over night in the cabins, make fires, then we wake up, bike 20-50 miles only to enjoy a BBQ sponsored by Harpoon Brewery.

We also raise loads of money too!  All the money helps kids attend year round camps at the YMCA.  We’ve raised the most money the past years…. about $25,000 to date.

Here is our team.

Did I mention you’ll get a free shirt when you join our team?!?!

The drawing for the shirt…..

Miss Olivia, the head of the It Says Love team

The BBQ and the Harpoons!  This is the best part!

This is the President of the YMCA wearing our team shirt…..

Find the kid in the next picture…..

The lake with the biggest canoe ever!!

Miss Olivia…..

And the summer SoWa Market’s Start Bookmark and Share

Every year we participate in the SoWa markets in Boston’s South End.  They are incredible and we’ve been super successful there.  It’s been a great way to market ourselves and expand our outreach.

For more info onthe SoWa Markets, CLICK HERE

New Shirt: Spanish Bookmark and Share

Front depicts Montezuma, last leader of the Aztec people.

The back resembles like the Aztec sun calender.  It’s a completely custom piece which took 40+ hours to create.

Making of:  First I drew the outline of the front.  Then, through a process, of “color, xerox, play with contrast, repeat” I was able to get the rock texture.


Explanation of back.  Essentially the idea was, if I was going to carve a stone, what would I put on it.

Yellow:  Tells the story of 9/11.  Planes come, crash into the Twin Towers, they fall, and a building is built in there place.

Blue:  These are glyphs and perhaps the only feature that is taken directly from the Aztecs. To the Aztecs, each day represented a certain deity or subject. “Day of Water”, Day of the lizard”, day of this and that, etc.etc.

Red:  These are the teams from Legends of the Hidden Temple.  Go Nickelodeon!.

Green:  This is where the sun god resides.  He’s jamming to his head phones, has a tongue ring, and is from, well, Boston.

Watch the video for the details:


Stay cool.

UMassDartmouth Fashion Show Bookmark and Share

UMass invited us to be apart of their Annual Fashion Show…. So we went…. good stuff…

Got an email today…… Bookmark and Share

speaks for itself  (the Colosseum?!?!?)

Hell yes.

Mini MIT festival Bookmark and Share

We were invited to be at the MIT Spring Fest…..

These kids covered themselves in shaving cream and loved every second of it….


Brother Alex gets some awards… Bookmark and Share

My brother Alex is a master of German.

We had a family night after he got all his awards….

At the restaurant….