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Wheelock College Bookmark and Share

Today was the first time we’ve been to Wheelock College.  Again, today was well recieved- we sold a bunch of shirts and kids really dug it.  It’s good too because it’s getting to be Valentine’s Day season….

Peace out,

Doing a show…. Bookmark and Share

When you start off like we are, you have to go everywhere and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Tonight we went to a punk show in Weymouth.  We sold a bunch of shirts, got a good following, and gave out a bunch of free stuff.  Kids loved the potato chip bags.  I even got to see some old friend from the scene.


New Packaging Bookmark and Share

Yes, they are what they look like: Potato chip bags.  We present our new packaging. We wanted them for Christmas but production was backed up.  Damn!

We can fit 3XL shirts in the bags.  I swear.

Learning how to product these things was crazy- I had to learn weird scientific terms about materials, etc. etc.  The inks presses to make them were produced in Germany, though the actual production of the bags took place in California.

Why potato chip bags?  One day, my friends and I went to a diner.  On the way out I bought some chips…. then it dawned on me: “t-shirts inside potato chip bags”.  People have put shirts in some weird things but nothing as professional as an actual potato chip bag.  When I told all my friends they all thought I was silly and stupid.  I just showed some of them the new bags and they shit themselves.

Making of:

NOTE:  ALL t-shirts will come in these bags for now on.  All of them.




FIELD TRIP TO BOSTON!! Bookmark and Share

Some friends from Washington D.C. came to visit me the past weekend.  We took them around to all the quintessential Boston spots plus more.

The Old Boston Public Library, the street, and Harvard Square.

We got a little hungry when we got back…. SO WE HAD ANTS ON A LOG!!

Peace out from Boston,

Recycle the ZAM bags Bookmark and Share

As you know, all the shirts come packaged inside potato chip bags.  Instead of throwing the shirts away, help turn them into something else- something you can actually use.

We’ve created a partnership with Lou’s Upcycle.  Upcycling takes unrecyclable products and finds creative ways to reuse the material.

Contact Lou at, choose one of these wallets/pouches, and send her your ZAM Snack bag.  (If you happen to collect a lot of the bags, maybe she could make something even bigger!)