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So as you probably read before, today I went to a music shop where a grumpy old man complained about the younger generation not giving respect.  He showed me respect by telling me that, and I told him I learn in work hard because it’s how I respect my parents, mentors, and influences.  I pass on what they’ve taught me.

Later in the night, as my cab dropped me off, I quickly told him about my company, gave him a sticker, and showed him how our love symbol works.

I then asked him where he was from.  “India,” he said.  “Preem” immediately came out of my mouth when I shook his hand.

Bam! my head hits the front seat as his quickly shifted the car into Park.  She gives me a stare of astonishment and a smile full of surprise and happiness.


I knew his language.  Actually, I know how to say the best word in any language- Love.

He told me he’d put the sticker on the taxi and even asked for more to give away.  His graciousness was a result of me showing him respect on his terms, in his language.  We parted ways in happiness, in Zamforia, the perfect moment motivated and created by love and respect.  The moment transcended all barriers, social class, color and culture.

Moral: Say Love through your actions and show respect.  Be cool.

And a Football Calzone is….? Bookmark and Share

This is a football calzone:

And this is my last night in Milwaukee!  See ya


And just when I thought it couldn’t get more interesting….

“All men have the staff of life (referring the male reproductive organ). It’s only natural that we put the BAM! into a women!  Or you over there (pointing to me) can put the ZAM! into her special thing.  (Yes, he referenced the ZAM! sticker I had just given him.)” –The music store owner I just met.

I could tell you my first 2 hours around Milwaukee were stagnant and wasted.  Or I could tell you that a music store owner of 78 years attempted to kick me out of his store before I even walk in, then sat me down for a 2 hour conversation ranging from how my generation is disrespectful to life, marriage, and business to music to women and sex.  (Near the end I sat in astonishment).  I am a great listener, it’s my biggest fault yet biggest quality.  Sometimes I listen to you so deeply that I analyze what your saying too much and stop listening to you.

Almost immediately after I met this grumpy old man, I told him he was the greatest character I have ever met in real life.  Soon after that, I started taking notes.  Here are some quotes from the man himself:

  • “Shut up!’ he says to the kid next to me somehow failing to buy a drumset, “Look at my sign over there!





So Shut Up!

  • A man turns a girl into a lady and a lady into a woman.
  • A long life isn’t defined by age, years, or expierence.  It is defined by humor and music.
  • One reason we are now in this environmental epidemic and financial shit hole again (he was in the Great Depression) is because your generation is spoiled and has no respect.  Mommy and Daddy buy kid an expensive car which they destroy, giving more and more money to insurance companies and car manufacturers.  But in the first place, goddamn American wants a fucking car so we are tormented with pollution.  Fuck that kid anyways
  • The only people that should have the chance to vote are the ones that have W2 forms. (People are obsessed with voting around here.  You can actually vote weeks before ‘Election Day”)

And the big Kahoonah-

  • “Jonathan, this needs to be your mentality- YOU ARE THE MAN!  If you can conceive and believe, you can achieve.  You need to know EVERYTHING.  If you don’t know something, go to the fucking library and learn it!”

And just when I couldn’t imagine my trip could get better!

I’m an Official Couch Surfer Bookmark and Share

Today, I have become an official Couch Surfer.  (To learn more go to  My host Courtney is so distinguished as a couch surfer that she has been on TV for being the Milwaukee Ambassador (meaning she hosts a lot of people from all around the world.)  This is what she just said about Zamforia “ I think people in Milwaukee and everywhere will love Zamforia because it blurs the lines between cultures and languages.  In that grey area, unity and understanding reside.  But people love that.”

And I meet my Couch’s Host Bookmark and Share

We just got back from rocking some of the funkiest bars I have ever seen.  At the best one, the ‘bouncer’ named Eddy rocked a Salvador Dali moustache and black, thick rimmed glasses.  When I told him about my company, he says ‘Hell yea man, I am all about the universe, rock Zamforia and love.’  Am I getting through to the crazy cool population or what?!?!

My couch surfing host and new friend Courtney is incredible! She’s obsessed with fairies, has 2 cats (Homer and Faith) and when I first met her, she was wearing high pink socks with super high top Converse’s.  If you are not familiar with couch surfing, check it out here:  Couch Surfing

During my long day at work around the streets of Milwaukee, I met Madeline Spooner.  She and her friends were sitting next to a building smoking cigarettes and I figured they’d love Zamforia.  So I handed them some stickers and flyers, then I proceeded to act out my whole Zamforia schpeel, like an actor on a stage.  They thought I was nuts but they bought it and we can all laugh about it now.  Check out Madeline’s stuff at Such a beautiful voice!

My new 88nine RadioMilwaukee t-shirt!  I loved the station so I stopped by and told them all about Zamforia.

I told a girl in a boutique today that Zamforia describes being alive and how people try to put meaning into life by following what they believe in.  Immediately she said she felt Zamforia when she was on a mountain with 16 inches of fresh powder (snow).  Zamforia is a word that describes the biggest thing/concept in the world- actually being alive.  It’s the perfect moment and we know it’s with us when our insides boil up and we get goose bumps and are enraged with passion.  It’s indescribable but we all understand it because it is so universal.  Religious people says it’s god but a musician calls it soul.  Zamforia is more universal and demonstrates that we are all the same.

Stay Cool,

First Day In Milwaukee Bookmark and Share

I have just completed my first day and night away.  As I write this, I sit in a rented Honda Element Zip Car(, of which I just slept in the back for a needed 8 hours.  I was running on empty my whole first day but it was great.

So I get to Milwaukee with no plans, I meet a German named Sebastian who takes me to the wonderful University of Wisconsin, which surprisingly is full of flaming liberals, one of which tells me to go to the Oriental theater to see Bill Maher’s Religilous.

The Oriental theater she says is the only theater in the USA that has Eastern Indian Architecture.  This seems a little too far out for me but tell her I’d go during my stay anyways.

You know when you found a cool place when your driving at full speed and come to a screetching halt, yell out ‘hoy sh*t, I gotta go there!’, get out of your car and it’s everything you expected.  For me it was Milwaukee’s Institute of Art and Design’s ‘Union Café’.  I walk in and it reeks of smoke but it’s cool because when I order my ‘Dirty Rat Latte’ from Kyle with a tattoo of a roofing axe on his fore arm, it only cost  a 1.70 and he tells me they have WiFi.  At the verge of going crazy from being overwlemed and sleep deprived, I decided to talk to someone.  I found the best candiate- Emily to ‘do whatever I want’ art student and lover of anime.  We talk but when Kyle puts up my ZAM! Sticker on the espresso machine, she yells out ‘WTF why did you take down my giraffe and she proceeds to draw a slothe to go up.  I thought that was great so I drew a turtle but didn’t tell anyone.

My day gets better when Kesan Holt drives by on a bike and drops off some  ‘Comedy SPORTZ’ flyers for an interactiveimprov show similar to the famous ‘who’s line is it anyway?”.  Seeing that I had a pretty rough first day and I am runnin out of fumes, I figured this would be a great break.  I went and I was completely impressed.

After this first day in Milwaukee, I went to bed in the back seat of my Honda Element and a bank parking lot.  I so it begins…